UACES Conference 1-3 September 2014 Cork

CRN Panels:

Session 6: CSDP‐Strategy I: European Defence: Europeanisation, NATO‐isation or Irrelevance

Chair / discussant: Jocelyn Mawdsley

Sven Biscop: Defence Matters ‐ Does Europe?

Simon Sweeney: Explaining European Security and Defence Policy Since St Malo: Bureaucratic Politics and the Lack of Grand Strategy

Adrian Treacher: EU‐NATO Relations: the State of Play

Session 7: CSDP Strategy II ‐ CSDP and the Security Continuum

Chair / discussant: Laura Chappell

 Anna Dimitrova: National Security Versus Data Protection: A Transatlantic Gap?

 Ana E. Juncos Garcia: EU Strategy in the Age of Drones

 Jocelyn Mawdsley:The European Commission and the Internal / External Security Divide: Policy Entrepreneurship and Unintended Consequences

 Alistair Shepherd: CSDP and the Emerging European Security Continuum

Session 9: CSDP Strategy III: Strategic Reform Drivers and Priorities

Chair/ discussant: Sven Biscop

Laura Chappell and Petar Petrov: A Civilian European Strategic Culture? Assessing the EU’s Peace Project Basis

David Galbreath and Simon Smith: The Drivers of Contemporary Strategic Reform in Europe: Planning for Beyond the Financial Crisis?

Steven Robinson: Portugal and Security Co‐operation in the Lusophone Word: Conflicting or Complementary Strategic Priorities for European Security Policy?

 Michael E Smith: The Case for an EU Maritime Capability as a Priority for the CSDP